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1991 Ashihara Karate Sabaki Challenge tournament Dillon van Rensburg (Audillon van Rensburg), who makes certain silly claims is also being knocked silly at the Sabaki Challenge tournament of Hoosain Narker, the Kaicho of Ashihara Karate International. It is fact that Ashihara Karate in South Africa was introduced by Hoosain Narker and his then colleague at the end of 1984 with Narker certified by the founder in March of 1985. There are no one that can show a certificate dated prior to this. In this fight, Dillon van Rensburg who was a brown belt at the time, was knocked down with a simple kick fighting against a beginner level student as the video depicts and lost as a result as he could not continue and threw in the towel. Dillon van Rensburg is currently a branch chiefs of the NIKO (New International Karate Organisation) and is not related in any way to the Ashihara Karate International organisation although for many years the AKI assisted him.


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